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Teaching Philosophy

While one may find it difficult to articulate his/her thoughts on piano playing through prose, being a teacher must assume the responsibility to transform his/her thoughts into words in hope that it will aid students in developing a grasp on this particularly abstract subject.



​Reaching the same goal via different approaches

There are in general various ways and approaches in achieving the same goal – to find one’s personal voice in piano playing. Every teacher I have studied with has a unique personality and school of thought. In this sense, it is important to synthesize what we have learned from them and incorporate their teachings into our own playing. As a consequence, I find it to be my passion and responsibility to pass on these musical influences to the next generation.



On Strengthening piano technique

I believe one does benefit a lot from various technical exercises especially from a younger age. What I would suggest through my teaching is to incorporate certain technique with pieces that actually require this particular technique instead of having students practice an hour of finger exercises and scales every day. I believe that technique should always serve the purpose of the music and by doing so it draws the connection between the two in the students mind from the beginning.


Developing the ear

While understanding the physical aspect of piano is crucial to developing one’s piano technique, an alert and sensitive ear is above all perhaps the most important skill that a pianist must acquire if he or she would like to develop further as a musician.

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